3 WOOFS for Kapa’au Veterinary Center

Our parents moved from Oregon to the Big Island about two years ago. When we arrived, mom and dad looked everywhere for an animal doctor that would take good care of us. Everyone on the Island has been very nice to us but we didn’t feel truly at home at any of the animal clinics until we started going to Kapa’au Veterinary Center.

What we noticed first was how clean, bright and friendly the staff is. It felt safe there. Plus, the nice ladies who work there gave us lots of liver treats. Yuuumm!!

Most importantly, though, is how professional and competent Dr. Jody Bearman and her assistant Rachel were. We really felt taken good care of and weren’t nervous at all. Honestly.

We give Kapa’au Veterinary Center 3 WOOFS
(which everyone knows is the highest dog rating possible).

Mahalo, Sophie, Sasha, Linnea and Eric.