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In honor of Poison Prevention Week, March 14 – 20, we would like to make you aware of some of the most common health hazards found in many pet-owning households as well as other hazards that could happen outside of your home. Over the past month we have had a couple of pets experience these […]


Pua loves being with mom and dad outdoors, so after a vacation without her we promised to take her off shore fishing. We went to mile marker 11 with some friends and Pua spent hours exploring the rocks. After three hours of empty fish hooks we were ecstatic to finally find the spot where the […]


Recently, my beloved nine year old poi dog, Hoku became gravely ill. Of course it was on the weekend and our Vet, Dr. Robin Woodley was on vacation. Numerous vets made valiant efforts to diagnose and treat but nothing cured her and by Friday she was so sick that I had to consider putting her […]


I was having a great day at Pololu Valley, playing in the water and sand, sniffing great smells and tasting the wonderful things there when I started jerking and twitching all over. This went on for a long time and my body got very hot until my Mom got me some help. She stayed with […]


Myrrh, our extremely soft, cuddly, amusing and interactive tabby, came into our family right around Christmas 2000, our little Yuletide gift. Hence; “Myrrh”. The name fits also because of his rich amber color, and he smells good too. We adopted him, retrieving him from “death row” afflicted with numerous, but manageable ailments. We loved and […]


  Tiger joined our family over 12 years ago somewhat by accident.  A man “gave” 2 of my children a box of kittens to leave at the Kamehameha Statue, a NO NO in my book.  I told them they were to immediately return them and ask him to call the Humane Society.  My little son […]