I was having a great day at Pololu Valley, playing in the water and sand, sniffing great smells and tasting the wonderful things there when I started jerking and twitching all over.

This went on for a long time and my body got very hot until my Mom got me some help.
She stayed with me while I slept with medicines for a day and a half, and then got rid of the medicines in my body for another day.
I’m better now and I still love the water and sniffing stuff!

Doctor Robin’s diagnosis: Diogi was exposed to an excitatory neurotoxin.
Sources are poisons like strychnine, certain mushrooms, decomposing material like a compost pile or dead marine life, bufo toads and some pesticides.

Treatment consists of sedative or general anesthetics, cooling the body, intravenous fluids and vitamins to help flush the body until the toxins are metabolized and excreted.