Myrrh, our extremely soft, cuddly, amusing and interactive tabby, came into our family right around Christmas 2000, our little Yuletide gift. Hence; “Myrrh”. The name fits also because of his rich amber color, and he smells good too.

We adopted him, retrieving him from “death row” afflicted with numerous, but manageable ailments. We loved and nurtured him back to health. He was always a bit challenged though; hyper allergic, super twitchy itchy, over-groomer (nearly licked himself bald a couple of times), and tirelessly talkative, to put it mildly.
What a character! Finally he developed seizures, very scary!

Thanks to Dr. Woodley’s herbs he’s seizure free. Now he’s back to the usual far less dramatic antics. Life’s a lot better. We’re very grateful!

*Conversation with Myrrh*
Anjalisa Aitkin 9/2008

Coiled, semi-sleepy, kitty on the porch sunny spot.

He regards me, eyelids quarter mast.
“Hi Myrrh…… Munyimunyi Moo” I coo.
His swivel ears perk in my direction, “Mnyitt”

“Mnyitt to you too”

“Mnyyitt…..mmrrrrnnmm. ” He rises, greets me with a formal bow.
Stretches in that way, only cats can do
Making a perfect hammock of himself, natural yogini.

The ritualistic moment ends with a quick extended shake of hind legs
Awake now, and so sprite, he trots after me down the stairs.
When I sit down in the computer room, he takes my cue, and settles too.

Just outside the door, shining in a spotlight shaft of sun.
Cleaning his paws and tiny hookish claws,
With his rough and agile little tongue.
Passing time while I do my thing.

I’m up, so he’s up, continuing where we left off. “Mawrau.”

“Mawrau.” I mimic.

“MawooRAU!” A little more emphatic.

“MawRAU, yeah? OK.”


“MAWOORAU!?!….You’re kidding, it’s only an hour since I fed you!”….

Come here Myrrh, let me give you some LOVE.”
I pick him up and cradle his delicious cashmere body, so much soft and round.
His weight, such as it is, weighs into my embrace, almost liquid, he hunkers down.

I nuzzle with my (nozzle ?) the fragrant furry folds.
His claws gently clutch and cling and hold.
“Hello Cuteness,” I whisper to my cuddly Myrrh.
His head bows, with eyes closed now…. oh… here it comes……….”Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Thus we pause in reverie, him and me, delightedly.
Until I set him down, on sacred ground.
Re-inhabiting his usual plane, sniffing at the new soft rain.
Earth his familiar verdant turf.

Now statue still……..I’m on to you, small bird……..and then to me, “Mawrahrr.”
He often has the final word.