Pua loves being with mom and dad outdoors, so after a vacation without her we promised to take her off shore fishing.

We went to mile marker 11 with some friends and Pua spent hours exploring the rocks. After three hours of empty fish hooks we were ecstatic to finally find the spot where the fishies were.

In our excitement of finally catching fish we failed to remember that we had a curious little pet sniffing around. Unfortunately, she snagged the squid covered hook and swallowed it whole before we could stop her.

After a moment of panic we called Dr. Robin and brought her into the clinic. The x-ray showed the hook in her stomach which was explained as a good thing.

Then the remedy…cotton balls. If you wonder how to get a dog to eat cotton balls, remember this is the same dog that ate the fish hook.

*Dr Woodley’s Notes*
Fortunately, no fishing line was attached to the hook. When line is attached it can cut through the intestines as the hook makes it way down the intestines.

Fish hooks are allways an emergency until we determine how far it got and what went with it!

Just remember, they are tasty to dogs!