Tiger joined our family over 12 years ago somewhat by accident.  A man “gave” 2 of my children a box of kittens to leave at the Kamehameha Statue, a NO NO in my book.  I told them they were to immediately return them and ask him to call the Humane Society.  My little son begged to keep one so I finally gave in.  Leave it to him that chose the ugliest, scrawniest of the litter but it was obvious that is the one he wanted.

Tiger grew up not really knowing he was a cat.  Our black lab, Lono and now Bubba our wiener dog are his best friends.  He tolerates other cats and has outlived all our fancy Himalaya/Siamese breeds.  He constantly wrestles with Bubba and they often fall asleep together on my bed.  Tigers claim to fame is that he an open a plastic gallon jar filled with cat food with his paws, then proceeds to scoop it out with his paws.  He always does this when there is a group around to “show off”.

The day I found Tiger on the floor wailing I knew he was a goner.  My heart sank and I immediately took him to Dr. Robin, I thought, to put him out of his misery.  Thanks to the incredible love and of course medical expertise and time and energy, Tiger pulled through.  Some may think the amount of time and money spent on Tiger could be better spent elsewhere.  However, when a pet is part of the family one needs to commit to their care as we commit to the care of our entire ohana.

Tiger is back home but now no more dry food antics.  He can open the jar but as Dr. Robin says “Tiger is NEVER, NEVER to eat dry food again”.  So Tiger stays in the kitchen licking down his canned food, I know with dreams of maybe just one more kibble in his mind!

Mahalo Dr. Robin and your incredible staff for helping our ohana!

– L.Bowman & Family, Kapaau, HI

NOTE: Tiger came in with an obstructed bladder and kidney failure.  He couldn’t urinate and had a white blood count of 52,000!  After intensive western treatment, acupuncture and herbs he turned around and is 100% normal! – R.Woodley