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Hospital Policies


At Kapaau Veterinary Center, payment is due at the time of service.  Payment can be made by Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards.  We DO NOT accept Checks.

A payment plan is available only through Care Credit.  To apply, click on the Care Credit link above.


Pet care can be expensive.  Should you have any concerns about the cost of your pets visit please let our staff know beforehand and we will be happy to give you a written estimate.


Estimates are given for all surgical procedures.


A deposit is required for any surgery and emergency care needed


We do require 72 hours’ notice for all prescription refills.  This allows our doctors time to review your pets file and to make sure that there are no changes that need to be made to the dosage.  Some medications do require a check-up and blood testing to continue using.

We do recommend heartworm prevention.  To continue prevention, your pet must be examined and tested once a year to ensure that they have not acquired heartworm disease.  Treatment is available should your pet test positive for heartworm.

There is no need to call in advance to pick up over the counter products such as non-prescription flea medication, shampoos, supplements and pet food.


For the safety of your pet and others, please keep all pets on leash or in a secure carrier. 

All unvaccinated puppies must be carried in and out of the clinic.



Hospital Policies
Payment Policy
Prescription Refills
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