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Effective January 2022


Your pet is eligible for AFTER HOURS emergency services at Kapa’au Veterinary Center (KVC) if they have been seen at KVC within ONE calendar year (365 days) for routine annual care not including emergency services.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


When you call AFTER HOURS you MUST leave your name, phone number, name of your pet and a brief description of the problem. If you do not leave a message, we are UNABLE to return your call. The doctor may be assisting another emergency so you will receive a call from a doctor as soon as a doctor is able to do so.


You must have a current credit card on file to receive after hours emergency services.

EMERGENCY SERVICES are available until 10 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Currently, there are NO EMERGENCY SERVICES on Wednesday.


Please note Emergency Services are subject to Doctor / Staff availability. There may be times when we are unavailable to assist you and you may need to seek care at another facility. We apologize for the inconvenience however we are doing the best we can despite staffing shortages and Covid-19.


If you have an emergency, and your pet has been seen within the calendar year, please call 889-5488 and follow the prompts.  The after-hours exam fee will be discussed with you over the phone and any additional information and estimate for care will be discussed when you come into the clinic.


There is a $30.00 fee to speak with a veterinarian after normal business hours and on Holidays.


We appreciate your patronage.

The BEST treatment for most emergencies is PREVENTION!





We always recommend regular checkups to reduce the chances of emergencies at home. Regular checkups will help to find potential problems before they happen.



Be aware of potential toxins on your property and in your house that your pet could be exposed to. Examples- rat and mouse poison, snail and slug bait, cleaning products, weed killers, compost piles, Bufo toads, Macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, chocolate are all toxic to your pet.  Read the labels of products and call the manufacturer if you have questions. You can also call Poison Control.



Keep your pet in an enclosed area, yard, or kennel. Cats can be enclosed in a catio. (Google it) Fence your property or get an invisible fence. Use a leash if your pet goes off property. Be sure your pet can’t slip out of its collar. If your pet travels in your vehicle keep them in a kennel or use a seat belt to prevent your pet from jumping out the window or the moving vehicle.



If your pet is bleeding apply direct pressure, apply an ice pack (a bag of frozen veggies will work). Apply a bandage…duct tape works in a pinch.



Male dogs will fight for dominance so keep them separated or get them neutered.  Cats will fight over territory so keep your cats in at night or in an enclosure. Be careful trying to separate an animal fight. You should use a hose/water or a broom not your hands as YOU can get injured.



Wounds big or small can easily get infected.  Always clean a wound with warm water and consult your veterinarian. Early treatment with antibiotics can often prevent an abscess or something more serious and more expensive to treat.


Of course, accidents can happen at any time and if it does, the most important thing to do is to keep calm. After you have contacted your veterinarian, drive carefully…we do not need you to get in an accident.


REMEMBER Pet ownership is a BIG RESPONSIBILITY and it is YOUR Responsibility

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